Welcome to the NEW flybudget.com!

Welcome to www.flybudget.com, the best guide for budget airlines on the web. There are no tickets available on this site, no special deals. Instead, we will tell you who flies where so you can figure out whose website to look at, you get your ticket through the airline direct not through us to save you as much money as possible. We don't charge commission because we know you don't want to pay it!

So what's new?

The layout has changed a bit - there's a much easier to use menu on the left, and hopefully it's easier to read. There's also new features - you can search for airports on all 5 continents, the guestbook is a lot more interactive, there's a feedback page and best of all!!!.... There's a chat forum. I've also started what will become a regular occurance - articles about the airline industry and/or destinations. If anyone would like to write their own article about the airlines or a favourite destination, please feel free to email me or contact me via the chat forums.

Also, we've got hundreds of coments from previous customers about the budget airlines featured, plus there's background information on how budget airlines have evolved to become the next best thing for cheap flights. For further info about this site (including information about getting cheap transcontinental flights out of the States), try the FAQ (Link on left hand side of page).

NB:- There are no long haul airlines listed anywhere on this site.